#11- With a Heart for the Nations

A while back I was looking around my church wondering where all the kids my age were. The 18 to 20 somethings, the less than 30s, the no children, unmarried, people… I recently heard a statistic, only 4% of those people go to church regularly. So I don’t know EXACTLY where the other 96% are but I see was adding up with what I saw in the church building. This makes me thankful for a great number of things which I hope to expound upon in my later posts: the Christian faith myself and my parents were brought up in, the flourishing small group of young adults at Crossroads, and the ministries I see reaching out to young people.

I know for a fact a heckuvalot of these 18 to 20 somethings are on campus in downtown Lexington. There’s like 38k undergrads… something like that. That’s where the people my age are. And there are a lot of really awesome people who are stepping out on campus and loving the heck out of students. One of those people is named Corrie. She has been on my heart tonight and in my prayers.

Corrie is one of the first people I met freshman year. She came to talk to CSF (another really great place full of loving people on campus) about serving international students. My heart was already in a place to receive it and I have no doubt it was because she had been praying and so had I. Corrie is with InterVarsity and she works with International students (and Americans!) and lives on support from the body of Christ (which is really awesome to hear her talk about!). Corrie prays powerful prayers, her heart is humble and seeks God fully. She is constantly inviting students into her home, picking international students from the airport, praying for those around her, and simply serving them. Merely watching her serve will bless you. I am so incredibly thankful for her and the way she gives of herself to serve and love students and glorify God.

Practically speaking Corrie does a number of things, like teach ESL, various Bible studies, she works in tandem with campus ministries and the Office of International Affairs, she builds programs from the bottom up, she shows her heart to those who glance and inspires them to give more of themselves to God, and opens her heart up to the nations and the Lord… God is doing truly incredible things through her and lives on campus are being changed for Jesus.

Tonight I am praising God for how he is at work on campus, especially through Corrie. I ask that you would also pray a prayer of blessing for Corrie and the Kingdom work she is doing, and how ever else the Lord guides you to pray. =)