“But Jesus was sleeping”. . . Matthew 8:24.

An interesting part about Jesus, especially his humanity, he slept at odd times. In Matthew 8, Jesus has cast out demons, called people to follow him, and healed a paralyzed man as well as a leper. Then he and his disciples get in a boat. And a storm is brewing. Huge gusts of wind, gallons of water sweeping over into the boat. . . “But Jesus was sleeping.”

This startles me. He was asleep? In a time like this? I’m sure his disciples were thinking the same thing. Really Jesus? You’re going to sleep? But I think when Jesus got tired, he slept. It sounds obvious, but I think we oftentimes work like it’s the only thing that matters. We wear ourselves out. I know I have a tendency to do this.

God invented the weekend–the Sabbath. He created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day, he just rested.

Jesus took breaks. Just when he would be doing the coolest things, healing, preaching, teaching parables, he’d just stop; it seems so sudden. He would go off alone to pray.

Sometimes I spend so much time trying to do things for God, and talk about God, and think about scripture I forget to just be with God and talk to God and read scripture.

So instead of over-speculating all these thoughts, and trying to write something just-so, I believe I will go pray.

Happy Sabbath.