35 Miles

I recently read a story about a boy who became a Christian and learned that someone had a Bible in a town nearby. He wanted to read the Word of God, so he began walking.

35 miles.

He was willing, more than willing, he desired, to walk 35 miles just to see a Bible, just to hold it in his hands. He hungered for the word of God.

How often do you read your Bible? Once a day? Once a week? I wonder if I would be willing to walk 35 miles to see a Bible. Truth is, I know for a fact that we have at least 15 Bibles in my house. There are hundreds of Bibles in my church. We set them out on each chair, and pick them up after service, and some of them look like they have never been opened.

We have scripture in our hands, the Word of an Infinite God, and we don’t open the pages. We don’t act like we need it. Who are we fooling? The boy who walked 35 miles, finally got a Bible of his own (which no doubt cost him quite a lot). He was later imprisoned for owning the Bible.

Mark 8:36 “What good is it for man to gain the world, if he loses his soul?”

Everyone has to be willing to walk their own 35 miles, to sell what they own, to take up their cross, to follow Christ.