#skinny is a lie

I keep seeing all these posters that say “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. I hate it. Skinny is a lie. When you obsess over it, you will never feel skinny. Obsessing over your weight, or health, or anything that has to do with food, is not good for you. Some people combat this idea to be skinny, with an obsession to be healthy, this is practically the same thing. Being obsessed about health isn’t healthy. Being obsessed with anything will make you a slave to that thing. The Bible calls us slaves to sin. We were made to worship something true, but the influence of darkness in the world is out to trick us. It tries to make us believe that food will make us feel better or that starvation can make us perfect, that a good diet is what we need, if only we were strong enough to stay on it, we would be worthy. These are LIES.

The only one who I am willing to serve, who is worthy to be served, is Jesus Christ. He will never abuse you. He will set you free. John 8:35-36 “Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever.  So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” When you are a slave to skinny, or another one of the lies, you will never be good enough for them. You will never be in the family. Satan doesn’t want to accept you, and these are his lies. Satan wants to turn you away from the truth. The truth about freedom, love, redemption, grace, and acceptance. The truth about Jesus. The truth that you are BEAUTIFUL, that you are WORTH IT, that you are LOVED. When you submit your self to Christ, the son, He will set you free from darkness, from the cages of bone you live in, from the leash of food you are chained to, from the feeling that you have to get on another diet to make yourself presentable, to make yourself good enough. This MINDSET will be gone when you surrender to Christ. I used to think that Jesus freedom meant I had to constantly fight these things in my life. When I surrendered to Him completely, the mindset was gone. I was FREE! I didn’t feel like I had to be skinny anymore, I didn’t believe that skinny felt good. I felt ALIVE, I had ENERGY, I had JOY. Things that SKINNY NEVER LET ME HAVE.

Being a slave to Jesus is the only way to be free; he is true enough to be served in every aspect. Nothing else will do. Nothing else is enough. Skinny will never be enough. Food will never be enough. Health can’t save you. Jesus makes you beautiful. Jesus fills you up. Jesus saves you. He’s the only one who can forgive your sins. He’s the only one who can really comfort you. He’s the only one who completes you and makes you perfect. He’s the One. And SKINNY IS A LIE.

I’m starting a new campaign. Skinny is a lie. Hashtag it, tweet it, make up your own quotes about it, youtube it, facebook it, tumble it, PIN it! I want to make this viral #skinnyisalie.