#10- For Her.

I’m about to finish studying for my last final of the semester. Praise God again for the semester that I’ve had and everything I have experienced. Today I’ve been reflecting on the blessing of going to school. Not just school, but college as well. My great-grandpa was an amazing man and he lived to be nearly one hundred and he never completed school past the 6th grade. But his daughter, my grandma finished highschool, and her son finished college and now they have blessed me with that opportunity as well.

We take education for granted, and I simply do not want to do that. Everyday that I don’t want to go to school I pray for the children who can’t. This isn’t to say I’m a great person. This is to say I struggle with being selfish, and with taking what I’ve been blessed with for granted. But I am a very very blessed woman. To have the luxury of learning. My academics have been truly blessed. I had an amazing education through highschool, being homeschooled, and now I’m in college. And these are things that put me in the top percentage of most affluent people on the planet. Which is something I am constantly overwhelmed by… In the pit of my stomach I feel I have been given something far beyond what I have earned or deserved.

That’s a lot of responsibility. I would never want to take that lightly. I know there are young girls around the world who will never step foot in a school and never learn how to read. I have absolultly no idea why I am allowed to read and write and study tonight while women like the mothers of my compassion children sew clothes and do temporary labor. But what I do know is that I have a huge responsibility to them and to God.

So tonight I study for her. Someday I want to change her world.


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