That’s So Strange! 奇怪!

By my first day in Shanghai Luo Laoshi was already picking on me for saying “That’s so strange.” Now everyone else is too. But let me explain:

1. Bubble Tea: 什么? What is it? It’s like a liquid with… wiggly jello stuff in the bottom. I had a blueberry one… It was so strange. Tasted like vitamin water with little cubes of jello in the bottom…

2. Squatty potties in public areas… I was not warned of this.

3. Entire fish complete with eyes. So strange. I actually did taste it though. Not the eyes. Be proud of me.

4. Shanghai is apparently famous for their “pajama walkers.” Possibly less odd that then people who come through the drive through in robes and shower caps (I’ll never get over that) however… they are classic pajamas, and they aren’t just walking their dogs in the morning. I definately just saw a man go into the bank in his PJs. That’s so strange!

More of my actual adventures to come. There’s just so much to say!


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