Pure Bride

“I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure bride to him.”- 2 Corinthians 11:2

I feel like so much of what I’ve been learning recently has been leading up to this verse I read the other day.

In Hosea, God asks the prophet to marry a prostitute. She runs after other men, and Hosea goes after her every time. God asked Hosea to do this, to show him how God feels. The book of Hosea is a perfect portrayal of our relationship with God. We are his bride and we run after other gods. We run after money. We run after jobs. We run after love. Love that will never satisfy.

God loves us with so much jealousy, He died before He let us go just because He loved us so much. My favorite song “You Won’t Relent” says that his “Jealousy is as demanding as the grave; but many waters cannot quench his love.” He offers us everything. He offers life. So often we give it up for trivial things. Things that aren’t “that bad” but we’re giving up precious moments of life. We throw away moments with the God of the universe for things that won’t last, for stuff we can’t have for ever, for a love that is broken. God loves with a perfect love.

We have been promised to a Husband, we are engaged to Christ. He will forgive anything we do, but I don’t want to hurt him anymore. He’s rescued me. He took a bullet in my place and died for something I’d gotten myself into. He doesn’t deserve anything less than perfect. I will never be perfect, and he is the perfection in my weakness.

The New Testament mentions a few times that wives should submit to their husbands. I’m pretty much a feminist. This rubs me the wrong way. But submission isn’t a kind of abuse. It doesn’t mean you don’t get your say. It means you have trust. Submission doesn’t happen without trust. A husband should be trustworthy. And who is more trustworthy than Christ?

Love is hard to understand, and I don’t understand God’s love… but I’m learning, I understand more now than I did before. Why would I not want to submit to the kind of love that gives life? Why would I throw away the truest love there is so I could be independant? I’ve tried to be strong on my own, I’ve tried living without love. And it’s not life. I was dead inside, I was bitter. I can’t live alone when I have been arranged in a marriage with Christ.

I’m not forced to let go of everything I want in order to submit to Christ, but if it is keeping me from following God, then I WANT to give it up. Why would I want to gain the world, to lose my soul? Why would I throw away true love? My love isn’t perfect, but I want to give God the truest love I have. I want to be His pure Bride.


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