I have this awful habit of having a lot of ideas that go nowhere, now some of them are bad ideas that never would even if I tried, but I have a lot of half-started projects. This blog project, I believe I shall try to maintain. So far, I’ve been posting quite inconsistently, I haven’t been trying to post even once a week, and I haven’t done my sunday blog posts yet. I hope to try and turn this all around by declaring:

Missionary Mondays- Posts about reaching out to others, or missionaries on the field, lessons learned from Martyrs and missionaries… etc.

Theology Thursdays-

Good Fridays- The day I will spotlight on good things happening in the world, such as organizations or movements etc.

Church service Sundays- in which I will talk about the Church, denominations, or other such related things.

Perhaps this will encourage me to be inspired on at least 4 days of the week. Of course, I reserve the right to post about whatever I want, or not post, if it does so pleaseth me.

Thus, this whole post was really, quite nearly pointless, but it made me feel better about my project, and since very few people even know about any of my projects, it’s really all how I want to go about this. It’s quite non-stressful, really.



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